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Photographs Taken Moments Before A Pending Accident

 This collection of hilarious and perfectly timed photos show the moment before disaster strikes.

These poor people have no idea what awaits them mere moments after these pictures were snapped.

I would gladly pay a million dollars to see what happens next…

Be prepared for a hilarious assortment of incredible pics.



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Best FREE Things to do In Las Vegas

What many of you may not be aware of is there are plenty of ways to have fun in Vegas without spending any money at all.



Las Vegas is the capitalism capital of the world, where huge corporations vie for the opportunity to take all your money. Once you step foot in the city you are surrounded by ways to spend your money. What many of you may not be aware of is there are plenty of ways to have fun in Vegas without spending any money at all.

Check out these awesome ways to have fun for free in sin city.


See Art

There are opportunities all over the city to see free art installations from some of the best artists in the world, alive or dead. Some art highlights include the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas which houses one of the best free art exhibits in the city and the Wynn Las Vegas which has a huge 7-foot-tall Popeye sculpture.

My favorite place to see art for free in the city has to be at the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Crystals city center mall. This mega installation allows visitors to enter the womb like structure and floods the area with an array of lights that dazzle the mind. You must get an appointment at the store.


Eat Chocolate

Free chocolate, sign me up. Yes sir, there is free chocolate just for the taking at Ethel M. The local chocolatier has a really cool factory tour filled with free samples and it sits in the largest botanical cactus garden in the world. That’s a sweet bonus for checking out some awesome cacti.

You can also check out M&M World and Hersey’s Chocolate World, both on the strip. These mega candy stores are free to enter and always have free samples to snack on. Warning, if you take kids here, they will bug you until you buy them something.



Look at lots of money

Check out the World’s largest gold nugget, which obviously sits in the Golden Nugget Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. The 61-pound chunk of gold was sold for over a million dollars and is available for pictures 24-7-365.


Drink for Free (Kinda)

Everyone knows that casinos fill you with alcohol for playing games but is that really a deal?

Usually you end up playing mega bucks for a few drinks, so how can you really get free drinks in Las Vegas. Answer: nowhere, but you can get free-ish drinks at cheaper downtown casinos. Simple play penny slots at downtown Vegas casinos like El Cortez and The D.   Always tip your server or they will simply disappear.


Fountains at Bellagio

The fountains at the Bellagio put on a show every half hour and at night the shows are more frequent. Find a nice spot to view the entire show and you won’t be disappointed.


Cruise the strip

Walking from one end of the strip to the other can take over an hour easily and you will have plenty to check out for free. There are so many photo opportunities that you will need to make room on your memory card.


People watch

My favorite thing to do in Las Vegas is people watch. Visitors from all over the world come to Las Vegas and they sure do amuse me. You can have hours and hours of fun just find a nice place to sit and enjoy as thousands of people stroll past you and you just have the time of your life.


Downtown Container Park

Check out the cool shopping and entertainment center located downtown that’s completely built out of shipping containers. You’ll find shops, shows, street entertainers, awesome art installations and all the people watching you could ever need.


There are plenty more things to do in Vegas for free but these are just our favorite, so save some money and check out these awesome spots.

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The Best Tourist Destinations…Period

Checkout our favorite tourist destinations in the entire world that are worth standing in lines all day for.




The world is full of extraordinary tourist destinations but which ones are truly worth the hassle? Some tourist attractions are incredibly busy so what makes them worth the trouble? Sometimes you experience something so amazing that it is worth whatever you had to go through to enjoy it. These top tourist attractions are so special they are worth long lines, expensive fees and headaches. Checkout our favorite tourist destinations in the entire world that are worth standing in lines all day for.


Great Wall of China

The sheer size of the wall can’t be experienced through photographs; you must see it in person. Spanning over 13,000 miles, this man-made structure is such a memorable experience. When you see the wall in person you are taken back and in total awe. It’s an inspiring piece of architecture with interesting twists and turns and uneven steps. The wall was built to keep out ravaging hordes of Mongols but now boasts over 10 million visitors yearly. Tourist are everywhere, the lines are long but it’s all worth it. You won’t be disappointed with this destination and you may return one day.



The ancient city of Petra is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and truly a special place. The city dates back to 312 B.C. and is preserved immaculately. Take a donkey ride around the ancient city to see more than you could on two feet. The vibrant colors of the surrounding rocks and the incredible details of the 2,000+-year-old city are remarkable.


Blue Lagoon

The Icelandic hot spring has long been a popular tourist destination, but is it worth all the hassles involved? This magical geothermic pool has healing powers because of its high levels of sulfur and silica. Long lines and high entrance fees scare some tourists off but this place is worth the hassle. The one of a kind spa features the incredible milky blue waters and is known to cure people of multiple ailments.


Niagara Falls

One of the busiest tourist attractions in America, Niagara Falls is worth your trouble. The majesty of these falls is best-viewed from the Canadian side, where lines are shorter and the vibe is less touristy. Take the Maid of the Mist boat tour for the best views and most memorable experience.


Machu Picchu

The ancient Incan citadel high in the Andes Mountains is a pain in the butt to get to but worth all the trouble once you reach it.   Incredible views mixed with some very cool relics, Machu Picchu is a special place that should be experienced.



The Acropolis is crazy during the peak summer months but even then it’s well worth any trouble. The views alone from its perch above Athens make this attraction so cool. The massive size of the Acropolis and the stunning remains make it a must visit.


Banff National Park

This wonderful example of nature at its most wild is a must see even if it’s near the top of the world. Take in Canada’s oldest National Park and see what the great white North is all about. See glaciers, intricate cave systems and some awesome wildlife.

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How To Stay In Great Health When Traveling For Business




10 Steps to Improve Your Business Plan

Traveling for business is so much more convenient than in the past. There are direct flights almost everywhere along with the ability to stay entertained on a flight. Staying in great health during trips has been a challenge for those that travel regularly for business. Getting into a healthy routine might seem tough but it is more than possible when you make it a focus. The truth is that you likely have a good amount of time free when traveling. You need to put an emphasis on both your mental and physical health. The lifestyle you live traveling will follow you home so get into a routine you can carry over to your home life. The following are tips to stay in great health while traveling for business. 

Choose Healthy Meal Options 

Healthy meal options are widely available on food delivery apps. You no longer have to resort to fast food or pizza like a number of business professionals in the past. Take the time to see if the foods a city is known for live up to all of the hype. Some will be incredible while others will disappoint but at least you can say you tried the meal in the first place. Take the time to enjoy various cuisines but avoid establishments that might lead to an upset stomach for you. 

Hit That Hotel Gym/Go To A Chain Gym

Exercising when on the road can present some challenges that you can easily overcome. Bringing something like a portable tennis ball machine can allow you to hit around without a partner. Getting creative can be so important when trying to get into shape when constantly traveling. Luckily, there are so many options for chain gyms that you can visit a few times for free while in town. Plan your workouts after you see what type of gym your hotel offers. 

Schedule Time For Yourself To Relax

Scheduling personal relaxation time during a business trip can be important. Even if this is just heading to a restaurant you wanted to try for a quick lunch. Certain cities have far more in terms of entertainment than others. Simply heading to bed early can be an option as coming home from a business trip caught up on sleep would be a foreign concept for a number of professionals. Client entertainment can be enjoyable but is in no way relaxing as you still have to keep your company represented in a positive way. 

Take Vitamins Daily

You need to keep your immune system as strong as you can. Traveling might not allow you to eat as balanced of a diet as you would like. Taking vitamins and other nutritional supplements can help fill in those missing nutrients you need to stay healthy. There are plenty of vitamins so you have to find those that align with your goals and what you need. 

Traveling for work frequently can be an opportunity to get extremely healthy. Do not allow your job to have a negative impact on your health when your health is fully under your control.

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