Check out America’s greatest vineyards in style as you ride and drink aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train from Napa to St. Helena.  Let’s face it, there’s no wrong way to tour the Napa Valley, but there is a really right way. This train is the right way and it is sure to leave you stupefied either from the picturesque views or the amount of wine you drink, regardless of the reason it will be a trip to remember. This train actually rides on a rail that is 150 years old. The rail, of course, has been updated, but it still very much has an older feel and harkens back to the time when train travel was more necessary. The only difference is that you’ll have a bunch of delicious wine to drink alongside high-class meals.



There is nothing better than a beautiful train ride with beautiful scenery, delectable wine, and exquisite fine dining. But if that’s not enough for you then you will delight in the fact that there are also visits made to historic castles for you to check out and feel like royalty. The train even offers a murder-mystery package where you try your best to solve a scary, rail-riding murder mystery, all while dressed in your best vintage clothes, so yes, this package means that you will have to leave your cargo shorts at home, sorry. Unless you have vintage cargo shorts, then maybe you can get away with it, but I don’t know how vintage cargo shorts can really get.



The actual train is one that was built in 1915 and is full of first-class rail coaches from that time period, so you’ll feel high class in an old school kind of way. The rail line was built by Samuel Brannan to give paying customers a stress-free route up to his day spa in beautiful Calistoga, California. This may sound unnecessary now, but the west in the 1915s was very wild. Robberies, gunfire, and vigilantism ran rampant back in those days, so safe passage to Calistoga was of huge importance to California’s first millionaire. Nothing ruins a relaxing trip to the spa quite like being robbed and shot.

Eventually, Samuel sold his beloved railroad due to personal issues. Once sold, the railroad sold again and again until it eventually opened up as the Napa Valley Wine Train in 1989.



The tickets only cost a few hundred dollars, which is well worth it considering you’ll be traveling the gorgeous Napa Valley in style. Sip wine and stare at all the majestic vineyards all while in the romantic setting of a train. There are dining cars as well with vista windows so that you can get a better view so you can capture beautiful pictures in your mind and on your camera.

Some of the wineries you visit are the Charles Krug Winery, the Palmaz Vineyards Winery, the Vine Cliff Winery as well as several others. If you’re looking to delve a little further into your winery tour then you can even buy a private dinner with the vintners themselves to eat a meal and drink some exquisitely paired wine.

 Napa Valley is an extremely special place, so why not tour it in a special way, aboard the amazing Napa Valley Wine Train.