The Hippest Hotels In The World

Staying at a hotel should add to your trip, not detract from it. But we have all had that experience of staying somewhere terrible and while you may be able to laugh about it later, it definitely takes a toll on your trip. Well, these hotels are the exact opposite, they are the coolest, neatest, and hippest hotels all across the world that we can’t get enough of. When you stay here you will love it so much you’ll want to tongue-kiss the bellhop.

So check out this list and stay in style at one of the hippest hotels on planet Earth.



ACME Hotel, Chicago Illinois

The Windy City is home to the amazing and unreal ACME Hotel. This is where Wile E. Coyote loves to stay when he visits Chicago. There is a great cocktail bar hidden in here, and an out of this world bagel shop on the bottom floor. But that’s nothing compared to the awesomeness that is the hotel rooms. A lot of places have a nice lobby and bar but the rooms are just average, this place is definitely not one of those hotels. You’ll have great views, be in a great location and an amazing jacuzzi in the basement. Basement jacuzzis always rock our world.



Ace Hotel Shoreditch, London, England

The Ace Hotel isn’t just the coolest hotel in London, or England but is actually the coolest hotel in all of Europe. Each room is filled with vintage radios, records, and awesome quilts. You can actually keep any item and you will just be charged for them later, so if you see something you absolutely can’t live without then fret not, you can just take it home. When you walk into this hotel you will know you are somewhere hip by the cluster of hip Londoners you will see here typing away on their computers and sipping coffee. When your hotel is a hip local hang out then you know you’ve made a good choice.



Hotel Gotham, Manchester, England

This hotel is built in what was once a bank but that will be hard to tell when you step foot inside. There is a rooftop restaurant, which I don’t think too many banks have, and the food and drinks there are so tasty. Even if you’re not hungry, you can just sip a drink and enjoy the wonderful views of Manchester. Plus you will experience total bliss when lying in the beds at this hotel, they are by far the most comfortable beds you will ever put your butt in. If sunlight isn’t your thing, you can even get a windowless room which sounds weird but works really well in this incredible hotel.



Brown Beach Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is the hippest city in Israel, so it would make sense that it would be home to Israel’s hippest hotel. You will be right on the beach when you stay at this hotel and in Tel Aviv, a great place to spend your time is on the beaches. Plus the cocktails and food in this hotel make the trip worth it alone. When you go to Israel, make sure to stop and spend a night or two around here.