Will European Parliament End Visa-Free Travel for Americans?

American President Trump has been making plenty of headlines with his bold and unprecedented moves regarding immigration and these are having global repercussions. In a shocking move, the European Parliament has recently called for a vote to end visa-free travel for all U.S. passport holders. This is obviously in response to Trump’s travel ban and other diplomatic moves the new president has enacted. American’s have been divided on Trump’s moves but the majority of them haven’t been affected by these unparalleled moves until now. SO how does the European Parliament’s move affect American’s in general?


American’s have long enjoyed visa-free travel to all of the European Union (EU) countries meaning that we haven’t had to apply for travel visa when vacationing overseas, that all may change. The European parliament introduced a bill that if voted in, would require Americans to obtain visas before entering certain countries. That’s a huge shift to the global market and our freedom as Americans.


Essentially we are losing privileges because of the Trump Administration’s travel bans. If you have been living under a rock for the past few months, Trump has essentially banned incoming immigrants and travelers from certain countries including EU ones like Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania.


So is this a real life outcome? Yes, it most certainly could be unless our governments can work out some sort of resolution. Many believe this is just the EU trying to play hardball with Trump and his minions. I have to agree but it could turn into something much worse. Could this be a sign of times to come? Yes, this could set a president that all other countries could follow in response to America’s strict new immigration guidelines. Could this start a new world war? Sure, anything is possible when you have world leaders with chips on their shoulders like Trump, Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un


What’s next in this tense situation?

The European Parliament, the governing arm of the European Union will meet again and possibly vote on this proposed bill in June. This gives both sides time to cool down and work on a possible solution. If nothing is reached by then, who knows where this will lead. The American’s visa-free travel could be lifted temporarily as a test of the new policy or both sides could agree to terms. It’s all political banter right now and as we have learned recently, who really knows what’s going on in politics?

This is scary times indeed as the travel ban goes into effect and world leaders scramble to discuss possible solutions; we American travelers are left in limbo. Much like foreign travelers trying to enter the United States, American travelers wonder if their upcoming European vacations will have to be altered.


I’ll keep you all posted on any new developments and if you have any doubt, check to see if you need a visa to travel to any destination.   Is it safe to travel, yes, but it’s always good to be knowledgeable of on-going situations like this one.