The future is here and its wonderful people… Cruise ships are offering some seriously interesting entertainment options to try and lure new customers onto the open waters. I remember a time when a pool, casino, and restaurants were all the amenities these goliath moving cities offered, but boy oh boy have times changed. Let’s take a look at the amazing entertainment options some of these cruise lines are adding to entice customers.


IMAX Movie Screen

OK, so maybe movie screens aren’t new to the cruise world but Carnival Vista is trying to add a little pizzazz to their entertainment lineup. The massive IMAX screen is literally three decks high and can seat 180 people. You won’t be seeing old movies here either, expect all new movies, just as they are released in the theatres.


Go-Kart Racing

Maybe speed is more your thing, so check out the exhilarating go-kart track on Norwegian Joy’s newest feature. Race along the track that sits on top of the cruise ship and enjoys unbeatable views of the open water. Who ever thought to put a go-kart track on a cruise ship is a mad genius and we love them.


Bumper Cars

Say what?!

Who doesn’t love bumper cars? The Carnival standby is now cruising the open seas on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum-class ships. Kids and adults alike can crash into their friends and family to their heart’s content all while on one of the most memorable vacations you’ll ever embark on.

Ice Bars

Maybe an exciting cocktail in a bar made entirely out of frozen ice is more your speed. If so, check out Norwegian Cruise Line’s epic ice sculpture garden turned ice bar on three of their ships. No need to pack a jacket or gloves, the bar provides those free of charge, but the booze is not free. The world may not be ready for bars kept below freezing, but cruise lines are.


Indoor Skydiving

Take your adrenaline level up a notch with some extreme indoor skydiving on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum-class. The new iFly skydiving simulators offer some intense high-flying action with almost zero risk. No need to fight your fear of height or airplanes, just suit up and feel the magic of flight.


Suspended Biking

Maybe the confines of a cruise ship are starting to get to you and you want to stretch those legs… try suspended biking. Yes, bikes suspended high above the top deck offer amazing views and a great workout. Carnival Vista’s SkyRide lets you cruise a recumbent bike in the sky while on an actual cruise… sounds real meta.


Robot Bars

OK, so maybe bartenders are not your thing, how about robot bartenders instead? Yes, I said robot bartenders who always make perfectly mixed drinks. Bionic Bars on the Royal Caribbean’s Quantum-class are regular bars serviced by two robotic bartenders. This is like stepping into the future. And I love it.


With these new entertainment options, the idea of being on a cruise ship is quickly becoming more and more enticing.  Pick your pleasure and enjoy your cruise.