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5 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Dinner Party



5 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party is the official mark of becoming an adult. Out with the beer cans and in with the wine glasses and cocktails – it’s time to host a classy party that your friends will talk about for years to come. But where do you start? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the tips and best practices for hosting a successful dinner party.

5 Dinner Party Hosting Tips

The great thing about hosting a dinner party is that you get to create the rules. It’s your party and you’re the one in charge. If you want it to be super fancy, make it super fancy. If you’d prefer a more casual approach, don’t feel guilty about keeping it low key. You get to create the precise experience you please.

Having said that, here are some helpful tips that most people find useful in hitting the ground running:

1. Start With a Guest List

It’s a good idea to begin with a guest list in mind, rather than reverse-engineering the dinner party. (If you make the mistake of doing the latter, it usually ends up having a negative impact on your menu, space, cost, etc.)

When creating your guest list, take time to consider the overall dynamic of the people you’re inviting. Try your best to invite people from different areas of your life. This is how you create a balanced guest list. Ideally, there will be some people who know each other, as well as others who don’t. This paves the way for good conversation and bonding.

2. Send Out Invitations

You don’t send a text to someone inviting them to a dinner party. (This isn’t a football tailgate, after all.) Instead, you should mail a letter. And, at the very least, send an email invitation. As a general rule of thumb, send invitations three to four weeks in advance of the actual party.

3. Prepare a Menu

Food is obviously a huge part of a dinner party. Take some time to carefully consider what will be on your menu. If you’re going to splurge, this is where you do it. Fresh food is a must. During the summer, seafood is a great option. If you live in a landlocked area, buying from a site like Maine Lobster Now allows you to get access to the freshest seafood in the country – including Maine lobster.

4. Add Some Personality

You don’t need to go overboard with decorations or themed decor. This is a dinner party – not a 5-year-old’s birthday party. However, feel free to add some personality to the party with floral arrangements and some tasteful decorations.

5. Create an Agenda

You don’t want to map out every second of the dinner party, but it’s wise to have a loose idea of where the evening will go. In other words, you need some sort of agenda. The best dinner party agendas have three specific phases:

  • Cocktail hour. Serve drinks and appetizers as guests arrive. Do your best to greet everyone personally when they arrive, but keep the overall vibe casual and conversational.
  • Dinner. This is the more formal part of the evening. Serve the food (or have a buffet line) and encourage everyone to take seats in the appropriate places.
  • After dinner socializing. This is the most relaxed portion of the evening. You can serve more cocktails (or even coffee). If it’s a more casual dinner party, this is a great time to bring out games. If it’s a little fancier, you can bring people into living areas for conversation.

Ideally, you’ll put some loose time frames on these three phases. For example, cocktail hour is from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. Dinner is from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, and the after-dinner portion of the evening lasts from 8:00pm to 10:00pm. You don’t have to stress about hitting these times like strict deadlines – after all, you’re not printing this agenda off for anyone to see – but loosely following them will keep you on the right track for the evening.

Adding it All Up

Hosting a successful dinner party isn’t about checking off a bunch of boxes or making sure that you follow someone else’s definition of what it means to throw an amazing event. Instead, it’s all about casting a vision and executing in a way that makes your guests feel loved, welcome, and appreciated. If you can do this, you’ve thrown a successful party.

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     You may recognize these roadside dinosaurs from the movie “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.” These two giant concrete dinosaurs named Dinny the Dinosaur and Mr. Rex are located in Cabazon, CA. You can find these behemoths just West of Palm Springs, California on the 10 freeway. Dinny and Apatosaurus measure 150 feet and Mr. Rex a Tyrannosaurus Rex is 65 feet. You can even make your way inside the T-Rex’s head!

Sadly, the original owners sold the roadside attraction in the mid-90s and the new owners put a Creationist museum on the property. 


     Head to Alliance, Nebraska next time you are driving through the heartland of America and stop by Carhenge. It’s the full-scale replica of Stonehenge in England… but made with junker cars. Artist Jim Reinders studied the original sculpture while living in England and came home to make the statue as a memorial to his recently deceased father. Made with 39 cars, which were upended and dug into the ground.


     A small art school in Pennsylvania came up with the brilliant idea to repurpose old street signs and turn them into a wonderful piece of roadside art. Allegheny College sponsored the attraction and students created all the art. The art spans a quarter-mile stretch of Smock Highway just southwest of Meadville, PA. If you are traveling through Pennsylvania this summer, stop by.


     If you are driving through Texas, chances are you are cruising Interstate 40, which drives through Amarillo. This is where you’ll find Cadillac Ranch, a huge art installation made by three hippies from San Francisco, CA. They took a bunch of old Cadillacs and buried them hood first into the ground, then covered them with graffiti.


     When driving through the barren wasteland of South Dakota on Interstate 90, around 25-miles West of Sioux Falls, you’ll stumble upon the Porter Sculpture Park. Imagine huge metal sculptures in a wide-open field and the only backdrop is Mt. Rushmore off in the distance. You’ll find over 50 huge sculptures on the 10-acre park. The biggest piece of art is easily the giant bull’s head, which measures 60-feet-tall, which just happens to be the same size as the face on Mount Rushmore.

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