So you want to get out of town and relax in the Florida sun, but where is the best place for you to go that your entire family can enjoy?

The first thing that comes to mind is obviously Disney World and that is, of course, an incredible vacation destination. But not everyone is as big of a Disney freak as my colleagues and I are. So, while Disney World is always the number one choice, it’s number one in this article, we’ll explain why below, there are plenty of other wonderful non-theme park options for you and your family as well.

Make your Florida trip easy, relaxing, and memorable for the whole family when you visit one of these amazing vacation destinations.


Disney World

Yeah, I know you know about Walt Disney World, but it needs to be mentioned because it is the ultimate family vacation not just in Florida but in the USA. If you’re wondering how to please everyone in your family and they’re all different age groups your safest bet is to come to Disney World. You won’t have to think much, just let them loose and voila you’ve done a great job.  The hotels are great with a little something for everyone, there are even on-site activities for the kids so that the parents can get away for a nice spa or hit the bar for a drink and know that their children are in good hands. So if you’re looking to knock it out of the part effortlessly then go to Disney World.


Amelia Island

A much more relaxing vacation than Disney World, Amelia Island is a nice spot if you’re looking to have a beach vacation that’s not too crowded. Your family can play in the waves, go horseback riding, and even some fun treasure hunting known as geocaching. Plus, you don’t have to worry about tourist-traps here because they are very few and far between and that is just one reason why visiting Amelia Island is just so special.


Captiva Island

You would love to be held captive on the beautiful Captiva Island. This is a nice quiet island where you can watch the birds, walk on the beach and gather beautiful seashells while watching a majestic sunset. There are also plenty of spectacular resorts here if you’re looking to golf while the kids hit the waterslides. Your kids will get so pooped out here during the day that you will be sure to have some date nights after all your children pass out.


Clearwater Beach

White-sand beaches abound on the beautiful Clearwater Beach. Oh, and they didn’t just come up with the name Clearwater Beach just out of the blue, no pun intended, the water really is unbelievably clear. There are great hotels with plenty of fun for all the kids and you can even take a short drive to a Tampa Bay Rays game or hit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium where you can meet Winter the Dolphin, the real life dolphin whose story was told in the hit film “Dolphin Tale.”