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4 Top Destinations and Activities in Botswana in 2022



Did you know that Botswana is one of the oldest locations on the planet that has been continuously inhabited by humans?

Dating all the way back to 70,000 years ago, modern humans have continuously been settling and living in Botswana. In the past few years, researchers have even stated that Botswana might have been the birthplace for Homo Sapiens. 

Today, Botswana is an emerging country with a population of about 2 million, and is surprisingly not the first country many people look at when planning a trip to Africa. With a rich history, diverse wildlife and environments, and the most welcoming people, it is truly a shock that more people don’t visit Botswana when traveling to Africa.

In this article, we’re going to go over the top 4 places you can visit, and things to do in the beautiful country of Botswana in Southern Africa.

  1. Explore Gaborone

Gaborone holds the seat of government for Botswana, and is also the economic capital for the country. It is ranked 149th among other national capitals in terms of population, which still makes it more populated than the capital city of India, New Delhi.

How can this be? It’s true that the New Delhi metropolitan area has a population 15 times that of the whole of Botswana. However, because it is actually split up into several districts (which are considered different cities), the capital of India only ends up with a population of 250,000. 

The relative high concentration of people in the capital of Botswana is largely thanks to their booming economy. If you’re interested in the economy of Botswana, we recommend researching various Botswana financial experts, such as this one here.

  1. Land and Water Safaris

Botswana is best known for its water-based activities on safari trips. You can drift through the lush swamps and wetlands on a mokoro canoe or motorboat to take in the exotic wildlife the country has to offer. The motorboat safaris are our personal recommendation, as they tend to encounter the picture-worthy African wildlife such as hippos, elephants, crocodiles, and more.

For land-based safaris, the landscape is different but much of the wildlife is on land, so you will be able to view more animals than you would on a water safari. In addition to that, the vehicle safaris can sometimes drive to specific locations if you want to see a certain type of animal.

  1. Nomad Tours

A great way to take in all Botswana has to offer is to go on a week long camping trip across the entire country. Nomad Africa is a company founded in 1997 by Alex Rutherford, who has been backpacking across Africa his entire life.

Nomad Africa offers tours across the entirety of Southern Africa, with some spanning across multiple different countries, such as the Victoria Falls to Johannesburg tour. For Botswana, we recommend their Botswana Highlights – North or South, or the Botswana Explorer tour. 

The Highlights tour splits the country into either the northern part or the southern part, and each tour lasts 6 days. In the northern tour, it has a focus on nature as you will get to explore the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, and the Savuti Game Reserve. Additionally you will be able to ride on a river cruise that will stop at Victoria Falls.

The South version of this trip is essentially the north but in reverse. You will leave Victoria falls, making your way south through the country.

  1. San Bushmen

Probably the best way to truly appreciate Botswana is to spend some time with the San Bushmen people, also known as the Kalahari. They are an indegenious hunter gatherer community to Botswana, and have thrived in the region for 20,000 years.

By going on guided walking tours led by the San people, you can learn about their culture that has remained intact for so long, as well as the medicinal plants in the region that they use.

If you are interested in spending time with the Kalahari people, then we recommend checking out San Camp. This Eco-friendly camp is run entirely on solar energy while not losing any luxury for its guests. 

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See Where The Super Rich Vacation

Check out where the richest people in the world vacation and what the heck they spend their money on.



Where would you go on vacation if money wasn’t an issue and you had all the time in the world? Go on and think about it, I’ll wait. I would go to a private island and have a castaway experience with luxury amenities, of course. Well, the super-rich have the ability to go anywhere they wish and do literally whatever money can buy, how awesome must that be? Check out where the richest people in the world vacation and what the heck they spend their money on.


Unlike many super-rich people, Bill Gates likes to mix and mingle with the locals when he vacations. He enjoys Croatia for its old Europe feel and medieval construction. The hot spot in Europe, Croatia is enjoying a tourism boom, which is centered around the countries pleasurable weather and affordable luxury. Bill Gates doesn’t need to save money but who says the super-rich can’t be frugal?


Why not just ball out of control like Richard Branson and buy your own island. That is some next level stuff there. The Virgin Mobile/Records/Airlines etc entrepreneur and billionaire owns Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. The private island is an actual resort where rooms rent for a minimum of $5,000 a night. Luminaries such as the Obamas and Mariah Carey have stayed here before. Wow, talk about luxury, a private island where the former president stays. Enjoy all the watersports you can handle while basking in the hot Caribbean sun.


Where do the best directors of all time spend their vacations? Well, if you love Steven Spielberg movies, you’ll know he enjoys incredible landscapes and none are grander than Ireland. The Emerald Isle just is so vibrant and lush that it attracts all sorts of travelers, even the mega-rich. Ireland isn’t a vacation that will break your bank, in fact, its one of the most affordable trips you could choose. Spielberg loved the countryside, the people, and the food, what’s really not to love?


Where does one of the most influential women of all time vacation? Wherever the heck she wants, is the only acceptable answer, she is the queen of entertainment. Oprah recently went on a luxury superyacht called the Rising Sun, where she partied with The Obamas and Bruce Springsteen in Tahiti. When she stays on land she prefers the beaches of Fiji. The island of Fiji features luxury at every turn but when Oprah is there she reserves the entire resort.


The man who is in charge of our country’s wealth, Warren Buffett is a billionaire of the most frugal standards. He’s lived in the same modest home in Omaha Nebraska since 1958 and only splurges on vacations, so where does he go? He owned a lavish beach home in Laguna Beach, California where the rich and fabulous play. Laguna Beach is very accessible for the non-rich so check it out for yourself. The steep cliffs and beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean will have you coming back for years.

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4 Australian Beaches That Are Breathtakingly Beautiful




Australia is a wild and wonderful place filled with diverse people and landscapes.

If you’re planning a trip to this amazing place, there’s no shortage of incredible beaches to explore while you’re there.

Read on to discover a list of four of the best beaches in Australia that are sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

1. One Mile Beach

This beautiful Australian beach offers miles of sandy shoreline and plenty of charming accommodation options to choose from. Be sure to take a look at the many recreational activities and amenities this beach has to offer.

Enjoy an incredible adventure by participating in camel rides at sunset, or enjoy sandboarding down the dunes at incredible speeds. You can also experience the fun of camping, staying in a comfy cabin, and more. This beach is within close proximity to tons of entertainment including playgrounds, a games room, and much more.

2. Best Beaches in Australia: Bondi Beach

This famous beach in Sydney offers an incredible history and a truly breathtaking landscape. Enjoy mingling with tourists from around the world at this beautiful beach, known for its close proximity to Sydney for easy access.

While you’re there, explore the many trendy cafes and enjoy some of the local food and fare. With turquoise-blue waters and sunny weather, it’s not surprising that Bondi is one of the best beaches in Australia. Experience the thrill of meeting people from across the globe or spend time relaxing in the cool, clear waters.

3. Lizard Island

Located in the Great Barrier Reef, Lizard Island is a nature lover’s paradise. This remote island includes over 23 white sandy beaches to explore, making it a favorite among those who enjoy a little bit of adventure.

You can stay in your own private villa at the island resort, offering premier access to some of the most remote and secluded beaches in Australia. Enjoy diving, snorkeling, and exploring the beautiful reefs. Lizard Island is perfect if you want an off-grid getaway in a tropical place.

4. Byron Bay

Once known as a small hippie town, Byron Bay has quickly become a favorite among locals and tourists. This beautiful beach offers a variety of delicious cafes and modern reports as well as boutique shopping.

Located on the eastern point of mainland Australia, you’ll get to visit the iconic lighthouse at Cape Byron. Surfers also love this beach due to the fantastic ocean breaks. Walk along the soft powdery sand, enjoy a day of swimming or just lounge at one of many beachfront cafes.

Make it an Unforgettable Visit

With so many incredible options to choose from, these are just some of the best beaches in Australia that you can visit for a relaxing getaway. From the white sands of One Mile Beach to the mysterious Lizard Island, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

For more fantastic articles, guides, and information about travel, destinations all over the globe, and much more, be sure to visit our website today!

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Royal Wedding Locations You Need To Visit

Many of the locations of famous royal weddings are open to the public. Here are five of them you simply have to see.



With the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, royal weddings seem to be the only thing people can talk about these days. And while it’s a little out of control, we’re not complaining! There’s just something about the extravagance and pageantry of it all that is undeniably fascinating. But for the longest time, I always assume it was something so completely out of reach that I would never be able to experience even the slightest bit of what being at a royal wedding is like.

Well, I was wrong! You can actually visit many of the locations where royal weddings have happened over the years. Here are just five of them. I know I’m going to try and see at least a couple of these before I die!


This stunning cathedral is, of course, located in York, England. It was the home to two royal weddings. First, in 1328, King Edward II married Philippa of Hainault, making her his Queen. Then, in 1961, Edward, Duke of Kent married his love, Katharine Worsley. Also, the city of York is really something to be seen. So this is a great location if you’re looking for a proper England experience with a little royal flavor.


This island getaway off the coast of Southampton was actually home to two royal weddings. The Osborn House is on the Isle of Wight, which was once the vacation home of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. Their second daughter, Princess Alice, was married right there at the house. While her little sister, Princess Beatrice, was actually married at the Church of St. Mildred at Whippingham, which is just a short trip away from the Osborn House.


The Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire was also home to two different royal weddings. First, in 1403, King Henry IV of England married his second wife, Joanna of Navarre at the Cathedral. Then, in 1554, Mary I married King Philip II of Spain. Mary I was famously the first woman to rule England and her marriage to King Philip was famously an unpleasant one. So This is a great place to eat up a little royal history!


This truly gorgeous property was long-owned by the one and only Henry VIII. Yes, the Henry VIII that was married not four, not five, but six times. In fact, his sixth and final wedding took place at Hampton Court. He married Katherine Parr there in 1543. The Court is still kept in immaculate condition and is definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area.


Canterbury is a perfectly quaint and charming English town. It was here, in 1625, that King Charles I married Henrietta Maria of France. Their marriage was famous for Henrietta’s loyalty to King Charles after a civil war broke out during his reign. She stayed loyal to him even after the civil war resulted in the execution of her husband and her king. A regular Romeo and Juliet over here!


And those are just a few of the amazing a beautiful locations that have hosted royal weddings. But there are plenty more to be seen if you’d like to do some more homework. I’m just trying to get you started! The rest is up to you.

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